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Gobble Gobble up your

turkey cupcakes

Enjoy decorating your cookie with everything you need including a freshly baked gingerbread cookie, piping bag filled with icing and all the candy to make it special! Candy will vary. Add your own fun and create ever lasting memories.

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Holiday Offerings

Thanksgiving isn't complete without having a turkey cupcake from Cakes By Paula!  Baked to order and made with love and topped with the most delicious buttercream turkey you can eat! Customer favorite! 

Cocoa Bombs

 A rich chocolate sphere filled with decedent hot chocolate, marshmallows and decorated with festive holiday sprinkles and sugar decorations. Pour 8-12oz steamed milk over bomb placed inside your favorite mug and wait for the bomb melt and the marshmallows to appear. Stir and enjoy! 

Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit